Q1 - 2022

Develop Beta version of the EVOTalk.Space platform. Focus on NFT spaces as the niche for the initial launch.

Q2 - 2022

APR - launch beta version NFTTalk.space with discovery, analytics, and in-app currency $VSB for in-app transactions and rewards.

MAY-JUN - continue incremental improvements

JUL - launch v1.0 with discord-like chat support /w youtube live!

Other objectives, TODOs, and goals for this period:

  • Seek partnership with NFT projects to collaborate with them for hosting and managing their TwitterSpaces from both analytics and talent management perspectives.
  • Host regular office-hours-style spaces to assist and introduce speakers and hosts to our platform.
  • Publish Ambassador Program
  • Publish $TSB tokenomics and related whitepaper
  • Research $TSB token's L1 blockchain partnership

Q3–Q4 - 2022

  • Launch Web2 installs – SportsTalk, MusicTalk, FoodTalk, etc.
  • Finalize L1 blockchain for $TSB.
  • Explore DAO structure, legal concerns

Q1–2 - 2023

  • Launch Web3 utility token - $TSB
  • Operate using DAO mandates as an independent service vendor.
  • Live long and prosper!