NFTTALK – is the “Google of NFT Spaces” for discovering the best Web3 (NFT, metaverse, crypto) TwitterSpaces.

Our algorithm ranks TwitterSpaces hosts and speakers based on their time spent in the spaces instead of their follower count. It provides a reasonably fair ranking for the folks building Web3-focused TwitterSpaces communities from the ground up!

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  • Discovering the Best Spaces – We make hosts and speakers easier to find for everyone on the internet.
  • Creating Sticky Spaces Communities — We provide tools and infrastructure for hosts and speakers to build sticky communities around them. For example, we provide dynamic profile pages, weekly top-100 listings, and videos.
  • Tools for Managing Spaces — By attaching a dynamic “mini Discord” like a channel for each Twitter space, we provide business-class audience-building tools such as drip campaigns to YouTube like Super Chats to Fast Track virtual line administration and fun-filled raffle draw capabilities!
  • Gamification of Spaces — last but not least, we have added a ton of gamification to make spaces fun to experience. For example, all hosts and speakers are ranked using an NFT rarity model – Supreme, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common. A virtual in-app currency called the Virtual Space Bucks (VSB) is rewarded to each host and speaker every week to allow them to up/down vote, unlock features, reward participants, etc.
  • Our tokenomics

Or Tech Team

Kabir, Mohammed

Professionally, Kabir (ko-beer) has been a technology business owner since 1996. He sold his first commercial software in his sophomore year of computer engineering.

Kabir co-founded a VC funded tech company during the internet boom. Since 2000, he has owned and operated the same company, EVOKNOW, which focuses on custom e-commerce solutions for mid-range enterprises. E-commerce systems developed and operated by EVOKNOW currently run on many countries across three continents.

Kabir loves writing about technology and life experiences. His very first Perl programming book, CGI Primer, was published in 1996. He has written many well-received books, which were translated in all major languages. These books include Apache Server Bible, Red Hat Security & Optimization, Red Hat Linux Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc.

Kabir lives in Rocklin, California.

Fav. Crypto:

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Thanks to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), our engineering team, which used to work from our Rocklin HQ, are now virtual across California, Oregon, Texas, and Colorado. Zoom screenshots just don't cut it, so we are showing a picture before this unfortunate decentralization.

Our team consists of highly experienced software engineers and QA professionals who routinely operate our global e-commerce platform across three continents. They are experts in automating warehouses, inventory management, PCI DSS compliance, franchise administration, payroll processing, cloud operations, and dark site deployments — all running on in-house developed solutions.

Only 40% of our full-time engineering (FTE) resources are allocated to our Web 3 development efforts. We hope to convert the entire company into a Web3-focused organization in the coming years.

Among our engineers, we have crypto enthusiasts, crypto investors, and crypto skeptics, which is a healthy mix of the reality around us. This enables us to focus on value-focused crypto technologies with utility and real-world use cases. We are constantly trying to mesh Web 2 with Web 3 as we see such a bridge between the two is the missing piece in many super hyped projects out in the cryptoverse.

Mitch, OPS Engineer

Our resident crypto enthusiast and operations lead software engineer. He lived in Japan for many years before joining our engineering team and has a great understanding of the international nature of the crypto marketplaces and how crypto is a 24/7 marketplace.

Fav. Crypto:

Josh, QA Lead

As our QA lead, it makes perfect sense that Josh doesn’t look favorably toward most things in the crypto ecosystem. He is holding off on crypto until regulations are in place. We are 100% fine with his views on crypto — after all, software engineers and the QA team do not see everything eye to eye for most of the journey.

Fav. Activity:
Playing Non-P2E Games

James, Sr. Engineer

As our most senior software engineer, he is interested in crypto but never finds time to dive into it. However, throw him a complex scaling problem to solve, and he will have at least two solutions in the works! James constantly evaluates the merits of multiple solutions in his head so that when he implements one, it is well thought out and works out of the box!

Fav. Activity:
Police Volunteer