4 Ways to Earn: Money, Rewards & Certs

Sell Your Prompts, Collect Fees for Running Your Prompts. Win Bounties by Creating Custom Prompts for others. Earn Community Chest Rewards for sharing prompts and participating in the community, and Get Certified in AI Knowledge!

Community Chest

Community Chest

Sell Your Prompt

Earn Community Rewards

Engage with Others

Earn Certificate

Earn a Certificate

Earn Certificate
Monetizing Your Prompts as a Service

As a prompt creator, you have two direct earning opportunities: charge a fee for running your prompt or sell them for a large fee. Users can offer bounties for custom prompts through our AI-powered discussion boards. If the bounty issuer selects your prompt, you can earn whatever financial rewards they offer.

You can also earn rewards from our Community Chest. We reward creators with engagements for making their prompts available for free. Chest rewards are distributed every Sunday to top creators.

You can earn our internal reward token by engaging with other creators. This includes liking, commenting, rating, or viewing other users' prompts. Once you've accumulated enough , you can convert these to CREDITS.

Credits can be used to purchase or run prompts. Once you've reached a certain CREDIT balance, you can cash out as an Amazon e-gift card or PayPal, or XE payment. Please note that Amazon gift cards or PayPal or XE payments are only available where permitted by the recipient's country of residence. We are working on getting USDC-based payment for all other countries.

As you engage with the AI content on our site, you'll automatically earn progress towards a FREE certificate of AI knowledge. We offer three certification tiers based on your knowledge level.

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