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Jan-Feb 2023


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I participated in 14 #NFT spaces.

Space Details Title Host
07/08/22 08:59 AM NFT Friday Roundtable The Reunion
07/08/22 08:59 AM  |  40  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals 40 N/A
05/13/22 12:57 PM NFT Artists Friday s Speakeasy Trends Cycles in the Space Thoughts
05/13/22 12:57 PM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A
05/06/22 01:55 PM NFT Fridays Speak Easy Vibe Check
05/06/22 01:55 PM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A
05/05/22 12:34 PM NFT Africans on the Continent Diaspora Connect
05/05/22 12:34 PM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A
05/04/22 12:26 PM NFTs Ni Nini NFTs Artlaw with Andrew Ngurumi
05/04/22 12:26 PM  |  @kenyannftclub
kenyannftclub N/A
04/29/22 03:02 PM NFT Friday s Speak Easy ART to HeART
04/29/22 03:02 PM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A
04/22/22 12:26 PM Foundational Wrk inthe NFT Space What roles do artists collectors play
04/22/22 12:26 PM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A
04/19/22 01:23 PM Is Gary V the best LONG term NFT investment
04/19/22 01:23 PM  |  @laurencemwhite
laurencemwhite N/A
04/17/22 04:09 PM What s the most valuable NFT PFP s Fine Art or abstract works
04/17/22 04:09 PM  |  @laurencemwhite
laurencemwhite N/A
04/15/22 10:30 AM NFT Artists Best practices for Navigating through the Noise
04/15/22 10:30 AM
me N/A
04/08/22 02:39 PM NFT Artists Friday Roundtable The Art of Storytelling
04/08/22 02:39 PM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A
03/21/22 08:37 AM NFT PHOTOGRAPHY AMA Shela A Hat Story
03/21/22 08:37 AM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A
03/18/22 01:34 PM NFT Collaborations post rug
03/18/22 01:34 PM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A
03/18/22 12:52 PM NFT On Collaborations Yay or Nay why A discussion
03/18/22 12:52 PM  |  @naibovisuals
naibovisuals N/A

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