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Jan-Oct 2022


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a short time



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I participated in 6 #NFT spaces.

Space Details Title Host
10/04/22 04:00 PM what got you in Web3 and what s making you stay
10/04/22 04:00 PM  |  131  |  @tarana_cinema
tarana_cinema 131 N/A
09/28/22 06:20 PM Cardano Debate open mic
09/28/22 06:20 PM  |  100  |  @million_iq
million_iq 100 N/A
09/22/22 03:08 PM Cardano Debate Metaverse Full Rug Pull No innovation there
09/22/22 03:08 PM  |  120  |  @million_iq
million_iq 120 N/A
09/22/22 01:10 AM King Of Banter eth Are #CNFT S worth buying #ADA
09/22/22 01:10 AM  |  443  |  @kingofbanter2
kingofbanter2 443 N/A
09/20/22 07:00 PM OnChainTV Crypto NFTs Late Night Degens Day 260
09/20/22 07:00 PM  |  678  |  @helloimmorgan
helloimmorgan 678 N/A
06/17/22 10:55 AM FreeRoam Fridays Bears NFT Future and Verification all at 5pm UTC
06/17/22 10:55 AM  |  @freeroam_io
freeroam_io N/A

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